KIT - NEOGARD Epoxy Base 70714 2 G + Curing Agent 70715 1G

KIT - NEOGARD Epoxy Base 70714 2 G + Curing Agent 70715 1G

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NEOGARD Epoxy Base and Curing Agent 70714/70715 (Hempel 45060) is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy resin. 


  • High-gloss, high-build protective coating
  • Binder for self-smoothing pigmented and color quartz flooring
  • Low-viscosity binder for trowel-applied mortar flooring systems
  • A high-quality primer for chemical resistant urethane top coats, and/or Neogard waterproofing and flooring systems
  • Low-viscosity binder for trowel applied mortar and/or patching material
  • Low viscosity binder for crack injection.


  • Formulated for use on damp or dry concrete.
  • Near water-clear. Exhibits no amine blush when used in humid environments.
  • Very low viscosity for deep penetration into concrete.
  • Uniform wetting of filler aggregates.
  • Excellent chemical and water resistance. 

Kit Includes

  • 70714 NEOGARD Epoxy Base 2G
  • 70715 NEOGARD Curing Agent 1G

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