KIT - MasterSeal P 255 Primer 3.4G

KIT - MasterSeal P 255 Primer 3.4G

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MasterSeal P 255 is a two-component polyurethane-based adhesive primer for use in MasterSeal Traffic 2500, 2530, and 2575 deck coating systems.  


A TWO component fast curing polyurethane-based waterproofing PRIMER for MasterSeal system. Cures in 2-3 hours.


Use on parking ramps, mechanical rooms, stadiums, balconies, plaza decks, etc. Substrates: Exterior-grade plywood or concrete. Not for use over asphalt surfaces. Locations: Interior/Exterior, Above Grade.


3.4 Gallon. Both components are shipped in the same container.

Data Sheets

MasterSeal P 255 Primer Technical Data Sheet

MasterSeal P 255 Primer Part A Safety Data Sheet 

MasterSeal P 255 Primer Part B Safety Data Sheet 


Shipping is currently available in Canada only. Ground shipping only.