Neogard Aliphatic Urethane Roof Topcoat 5G

Neogard Aliphatic Urethane Roof Topcoat 5G

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Neogard Aliphatic Urethane Roof Topcoat is intended for use in the Elast-Gard C Aliphatic urethane coating system for use over concrete roofing substrates.

Description: 7490-CA (Hempel 47YJB) is a single-component, aliphatic polyurethane. Recommended use: As a weather-protective topcoat for polyurethane foam, concrete, metal, single-ply and builtup/modified bitumen roof systems. Features: Meets South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) VOC requirements. Certificates/approvals: LEED: MRc5, SSc7.2 CRRC: 0720-0005 Miami-Dade: NOA No.: 16-0222.02, NOA No.: 16-0322.27 UL: TGFU.R6034 USDA BioPreferred: 21% content


Aliphatic urethane topcoat roofing system

Elasta-Gard C Aliphatic is a urethane coating system for use over for use over concrete roofing substrates.

Elasta-Gard C Aliphatic incorporates a 70620-CA aromatic urethane base coat with a 7490-CA aliphatic urethane top coat. It is intended for long-term protection over concrete roof substrates. It is ideal for institutional, commercial, industrial, and high-rise/multi-family residential applications.

Neogard -CA urethane roof coatings form a seamless membrane for superior durability, flexibility, color retention and long-term protection. They comply with South Coast AQMD VOC regulations. They are typically rolled, but can also be sprayed (contact Neogard for information on spray equipment). Our 7490-CA aliphatic topcoat has high UV resistance, and is less likely to chalk than an aromatic coating. It and our 70620-CA base coat also have high tensile strength and chemical resistance, which prevents failure due to expansion and contraction of the system, and failures around critical areas like penetrations and flashing.

Use Area:



Aliphatic Urethane


  • Single component urethane
  • Aliphatic urethane topcoat
  • High elongation and tensile strength
  • Energy efficient
  • Sustainable


  • Easier installation
  • Great UV Stability
  • Greater impact resistance to hail and foot traffic
  • Lower energy expenses
  • Reduces life cycle costs

Data Sheets

Neogard Aliphatic Urethane Roof Topcoat Technical Data Sheet

Neogard Aliphatic Urethane Roof Topcoat Safety Data Sheet


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