Neogard Textured Aliphatic Urethane Top Coat 5G

Neogard Textured Aliphatic Urethane Top Coat 5G

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Neogard Textured Aliphatic Urethane Top Coat 7478 series (Hempel 47BJB) is a single-component, aliphatic urethane with integral aggregate.


The Textured Aliphatic Urethane Top Coat is intended for use in the Peda-Gard Aliphatic T urethane system. It provides a consistent, well-textured finish with good anti-slip characteristics. The integrally textured top coat eliminates the need for silica aggregates, reducing health risks from silicosis. This system is ideal for high-production applications.

Recommended Use

As a weather protective topcoat the Neogard Peda-Gard T pedestrian traffic-bearing waterproofing system. 


  • Stadiums
  • Balconies
  • Plaza Decks
  • Walkways
  • Rooftop Recreational Areas


  • Excellent elongation
  • Integrally textured top coat
  • No presence of silica
  • Single component


  • Provides crack bridging/waterproofing
  • No need to broadcast aggregate
  • Provides consistent, textured finish
  • Reduced health hazard
  • Reduced mixing of materials


  • Grey


  • 5 Gallon

Data Sheet


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